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2008年 07月 19日

What will UBecome?


New England’s Fastest Growing University

The University of Bridgeport (UB) could be the perfect place for you to become the person you always wanted to be. With more than 125 innovative programs, UB offers a wide and varied curriculum that prepares you for a real world career. And when you include the small class size, personalized attention, internships and co-ops, it all adds up to a rich and rewarding learning experience. Add UB’s seaside location and close proximity to New York and Boston and you’ll see why UB is New England’s fastest growing university.

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2008年 07月 10日

学生のインタビュー (生物学 専攻)



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2008年 07月 09日


b0090762_430079.jpgさる6月29日初めて学長を迎えたOfficialのUB同窓会が卒業生、赤津慎太郎さんの御厚意で、東京麻布のヴェネツィアン コンテンポラリーガラス アートギャラリー『ベレンゴ アカツ コレクション』にて開かれました。


b0090762_45533.jpg 中にはUB卒業後30年振りの再会となった同窓生もいらっしゃり、卒業生一人一人にとって懐かしく、嬉しい一時となったようです。同期ではなくてもUBでの留学経験には時を越えて共通の想いが感じられ、学生時代に戻ったようだったと何人かの方々からご報告を頂きました。



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2008年 07月 09日

ブリッジポート大学 修士 "グローバル開発と平和学"

International College (国際学部)のこれまでの成果を受け、2008年秋学期より修士学位で"グローバル開発と平和学" (MA in Global Development and Peace)が開講されることになりました。


• 政府機関や国際機関の間で開発分野で専門家になる: 国際政治経済と開発専攻
• 文化と世界の紛争解決の専門家になる: 平和、文化及び開発専攻
• 国際経営及びリスクマネージメントの専門家になる: グローバル開発専攻


Program of Study UB’s new Master of Arts in Global Development and Peace is designed to prepare future civil servants and business professionals for careers in global development and human security. The program is multidisciplinary. Graduates will develop expertise in research methods, in regional political economy, and will be expected to have or to develop a working knowledge of one major foreign language. Within the degree students will choose one of three foci: 1) Political Economy and Development or Culture and 2) Conflict Resolution for students interested in a career in government or a non-governmental organization, and 3) Global Management and Governance for students with an interest in business. Students will spend a minimum of two months in an overseas intern-ship. The program can be completed in two years.

国際学部 Internship and Career Opportunities

International College students have interned at the United Nations, the World Bank, and think tanks in Washington D.C. They have worked in the offices of members of U.S. Congress, state legislators, mayors, and senatorial campaigns. They have also interned at law firms and Fortune 500 companies. Our graduates are working in diplomatic missions, non-governmental organizations, and UN field mission. They are also working for major corporations such as Swiss Bank and The Bank of New York. Others have been accepted into graduate schools including Columbia University, Yale University, and a University of London to pursue advanced degrees in law, international relations, political science and international business.

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2008年 07月 09日

UB student wins William J. Clinton Scholar award

b0090762_122635.jpgブリッジポート大学3年生のLouise Lisboaさん(IPED - 国際政治経済及び外交学 専攻)はクリントン大統領が設立した"William J. Clinton財団"からWilliam J. Clinton Scholar に選ばれ、この夏DubaiにおいてMiddle Eastの研究に励んでいます。

ブリッジポート生まれのLisboaさんは14歳で高校卒業後、Housatonic Community College に入学、16歳で同Collegeを卒業してから、UBに編入しIPEDを専攻しています。

The trip to the Middle East is one of many unique experiences the 17-year-old has had. Lisboa was a page in the U.S. Congress, an intern with the American Bar Association and as member of the Greater Bridgeport Youth Symphony Orchestra. This year Lisboa was also a member of the University’s Model United Nations team that paired with a similar team of leading students from Japan in the National Model UN program that was held at United Nations Headquarters in Midtown Manhattan in March.

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2008年 07月 09日

UB float wins honorable mention at Barnum Day Parade

The University of Bridgeport’s “Honor Heroes/Honor UB” float received its own recognition on Sunday when it won an honorable mention at the City of Bridgeport’s Great Street Parade, the centerpiece to the annual Barnum Festival.
(写真: UB students Cyle Hernandez, Hannah Nilson, Kevin Dinnall, and Amit Sharma wave to spectators at the annual Barnum Day Parade.)

This year’s parade theme was honoring heroes. UB’s float captured the timeless courage of America’s soldiers, as well as the school’s rich history, with photographs of campus life and a full-size replica of U.S. Marines hoisting the American flag at Mount Suribachi at Iwo Jima. A flag fluttered high above the iconic image, which was taken on Feb. 23, 1945 by Associated Press photographer Joe Rosenthal.

The float was designed, created, and donated by Innovative Display & Design, Inc., an exhibit company in Bridgeport, Conn. Managing partner Donna Shea ’86 is a UB alumna who majored in industrial design, as did company partners Gene Shapiro ‘86 and Andrew Pandiani ’86.

The past also met the present as current students Kevin Dinnall, Cyle Hernandez, Hanna Nilson, and Amit Sharma rode on the float and waved to cheering crowds who lined the parade route. The foursome stood in front of a large display of photographs taken on campus from the 1940s to the 1990s, including year book shots of a former “Wisteria Queen” and pop star Cyndi Lauper, who performed at the school’s Arnold Bernhard Center for Arts and Humanities in the 1980s.

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